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Managing Ziepod
Build-in Bins

Build-in bins are special type of containers where Ziepod keeps special posts and allows you to reach them fast.

There are three build-in bins and based on your needs you may disable or enable them via customization settings.

When it's enabled, Ziepod automatically directs deleted posts into the Trashbin so that you can manage them for a little while and remove them from the system when you sure that you don't need them any longer

If it's enabled, Ziepod keeps a pointer for each downloaded episode inside this build-in bin so that you can directly reach all downloaded episodes inside Ziepod.

If it's enabled, Ziepod keeps a pointer for each rated episode inside this build-in bin, namely 'Rated Episodes.' Since rating is a way to mark your favorites, you can quickly reach your favorite episodes via this build-in bin

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Downloaded Episodes Bin
Rated Episodes Bin
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