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Managing Ziepod
How to subscribe to a new feed/podcast

In order to add a new podcast into the Ziepod, the only thing you need is the feed file web address of that podcast. After that, Ziepod will retrieve that file and shows all available episodes of that podcast.

If you have that address, following shows how to add that podcast into the Ziepod

  • Inside the 'Subscriptions' tab, click the 'Add' button inside the toolbar 
  • From popped up menu, as shown above, select 'Add Podcast' menu option, which opens up a new dialog window
  • In that dialog, enter the web address of that feed file into the edit field
  • Click 'Finish' button to add that podcast, otherwise use 'Cancel' button to cancel the process

After clicking the 'Finish' button, Ziepod retrieves that feed file and shows you all available episodes. Newly added podcast is placed under 'My Podcasts' folder in the folders hierarchy panel.

Additional Notes
  • Ziepod automatically sets the caption of newly added podcast from retrieved feed file. However you can change that if you don't like the original caption
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