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Managing Ziepod
How to play an episode

If you like to play an episode, there are various ways to initiate that action. Here is the most common way you might use.

Alternative Way :

Inside the 'Home' tab, episodes are presented in webpage-like view as shown in the sample screenshot above. As an alternative, you can click the 'play' linkto play that podcast episode.


Aftering hitting for 'play', Ziepod automatically adds that episode into the playlist, if it is not yet in the list, and starts playing.

By default, Ziepod removes all items in the playlist before adding it to the list. If you don't want it to do so, you can check out corresponding customization help topic to learn how to customize that behaviour.

Additional Notes
  • If you like to play an episode which is already in the playlist, just double-click its title in the playlist.
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