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Customizing Ziepod
Download Settings
How to set maximum number of downloads that can run at the same time

In order to limit the usage of the bandwidth, you can set the maximum number of downloads that can run at the same time. Follow the instructions below to set that number.

  • Open Preferences Dialog
  • Select 'Connection' tab
  • Inside the 'Simultaneous Connections' frame, make sure that the checkbox corresponding to the download limitation is checked
  • Set the limited maximum number
  • Click 'Apply' button to apply this change

If you uncheck that mentioned checkbox, then no limitation is applied and all downloads are started as soon as they are initiated. However, this action is not recommended. That is, since each running download is trying to use as much bandwidth as possible,  not limiting number of download may freeze all of your network activity.

If you have a Ziepod+, you can limit bandwidth usage of downloads and gain more control over active downloads.

Additional Notes
  • By default, 2 downloads can run at the same time. Other downloads stay in queued, waiting running downloads to finish.
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