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Managing Ziepod
Feed Icons

Based on the type of published content and its current state, each subscribed feed can be represented with different icon in the folder hierarchy.

Icons for Different Content Types

There are three main types of feeds based on published content; text, audio, and video feeds.

  • Audio Feeds (  )

Audio feeds, or namely podcasts, publish audio based content and each post published thru these audio feeds is associated with audio file. By default, Ziepod treats each subscribed feed as a podcast.

Video feeds, or namely vlogs, publish video based content. That is, each posted item is associated with video file. When you subscribe to video feeds, you can select (  ) icon to distinguish it from other subscribed feeds.

  • Text Feeds (  )

Text feeds, such as news feeds, publish only text based content. When you subscribe to text-based feeds, you can select (  ) icon to distinguish it from other subscribed feeds.


Status Icons

Subscribed feed can be in one of three states; normal, synchronizing, and updated. While shown icons above shows feed in normal state, icons for other two states are described below.

  • Synchronized Feed (  )

While podcast or any subscribed feed is being synchronized, its icon in the folder hierarhcy turns to red so that you can track which feeds are being synchronized at that moment.

  • Updated Feed (  )

After synchronization, if Ziepod detects new posts for a feed, its icon turns into green. Till you check those new posts, its icon stays in green so that you can identify which feeds include new posts.

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