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iPod/iTunes Support
How to add a new playlist to your iPod/iTunes

By Ziepod, you can add a new playlist to your iTunes and thus to your iPod. Here is how to add a new playlist:

  • Inside the 'Subscriptions' tab, click the arrow of the 'Add' button in the toolbar. 
  • From dropdown menu, select the 'Add Playlist to my iPod' option, which opens a small dialog
  • In that dialog, enter the name of that new playlist and click 'OK' to finish

Keep in mind that since by default Ziepod does not update your iPod but iTunes, you will not be able to see this change till you update your iPod manually.

If you don't like to update manually each time, you can set Ziepod to automatically update your iPod after any action you perform, such removing a file from any playlist as in this case.

It has to be noted that in some cases, Ziepod can also automatically create playlists, especially when you set Ziepod to make things automatically, such as adding episodes to iPod after they are downloaded. In that case, if there is no playlist with the same name as its originated podcast of that downloaded episode, Ziepod creates that playlist automatically.


Additional Notes
  • Until you activate iPod support, shown 'Add Playlist to my iPod' menu option is not shown in that dropdown menu.
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