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Support for ID3 Tags

Here is an excerpt from introduction to tagging of MP3 files at www.id3.org

Digital audio files can contain, in addition to the audio track, related text and/or graphical information. The information you're probably familiar with take the form of Song title, Artist name, Album name, Year and Genre. This is the information displayed when you playback a digital audio file on your computer or portable device ...

ID3 stands for 'IDentify an MP3' and is the name of the standard to be used to tag MP3 files and most probably all audio formats.

Being able to edit tags of MP3 files is especially important if you like to play them via your portable media player. Becuase, portable players look for those tags and, for example, show the title of song on the display so that you can identify what is playing at that moment.

In other words, being able to edit those tags increases the experience you have with your media player. After all, not all podcast episodes come with reasonable tags so that you can identify them easily in any media player.

By using Ziepod, you can edit tags of downloaded episodes, which are in MP3 format. Moreover, you can also define rules to be applied on newly downloaded episodes in order to overwrite some of their tags automatically. For example, you can make Ziepod overwrite title tag of downloaded episode with the title of its associated post.

Ziepod uses id3lib library to give tagging related functionality and current state of library supports both v1.x and v2.x  of ID3 tagging standards 

Following help topics explains how to edit MP3 tags and how to create automated overwrite rules.

Help Topics Under
How to edit ID3 tags of downloaded episode
How to make Ziepod automatically overwrite ID3 tags of newly downloaded episodes
Overwriting ID3 Tags

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