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iPod/iTunes Support

If you have an iPod or your favorite media player is iTunes, then you can use Ziepod to feed them podcasts.

Ziepod provides all basic functions you may like to use to manage playlists and episodes inside them, which are already being managed by iTunes. You can add, edit, and delete playlist and files and then update your iPod without touching iTunes.

If you like to add podcasts episodes to your iPod via Ziepod, you can either select manually which episodes to import or let Ziepod automatically import episodes as soon as they are downloaded.

Activating iPod Support

By default, Ziepod does not start with iPod support after installation. Hence you have to activate it.

After activation, Ziepod immediately connects to your running iTunes, gets your playlists, and lists them along with your subscriptions in the 'Subscriptions' tab, as shown in the sample screenshot below. By focusing on any playlist, you can see episodes inside and then add, edit, or remove listed files, like you do with your subscriptions.

How does it work with iPod

The way it works is that Ziepod cannot directly add podcast episodes into your iPod. Instead, first it has to update the iTunes and then iTunes updates your iPod. That is the reason why there has to be a running instance of iTunes when you want to use Ziepod with your iPod.

By default, after adding a new episode to a playlist or any update related to playlist, Ziepod immediately updates your iTunes but not iPod. You have to manually update iPod . If you like, you can set Ziepod to automatically update your iPod after any action.


Following help topics show you how to activate iPod support and how to manage playlists and files inside them via Ziepod

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How to synchronize playlists
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