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Customizing Ziepod
Advanced Settings
Advanced Selective Automation Settings
Selective Automation on Downloaded Episodes

When Ziepod finishes to download an episode, you may like to do couple of things with that. For example, you can add it to the playlist and start to listen to it, or you may like to export it into a specific folder in your computer in order to import that file into your MP3 player.

In order to set these automation on downloaded episodes, you should first open the dialog window which includes those settings for automation, as follows:

  • Open Preferences Dialog
  • Switch to 'Advanced' tab
  • Click 'Set Advanced Settings' button, which opens up a new dialog.
  • In that popped up dialog, switch to 'Automation' tab
  • Click 'Customize' button located inside box entitled 'Automation on Downloaded Episodes'

After clicking 'Customize' button, a new dialog window pops up where you can set your automation commands on downloaded episodes, as described below.

Setting Automation on All or Specific Types

First, you should decide whether you want to apply automation commands on all types of episodes, or set different commands for each different type of episodes. You can do that choice by using following panel. Note that you can also add your own file type and define commands to be applied on that type of files.

For example, in the sample screenshot above, automation commands are being set for ".torrent" type episodes only.

After selecting on which type of episodes Ziepod should run automation commands, it is time to set those commands.

Setting Automation Commands

Shown in the sample screenshot below, among three automation commands, two of them are somewhat pre-defined and the other is completely user defined command, namely shell command.

Following explains each command in short:

  • Export

This is a pre-defined command in order to copy downloaded episode file into given folder on your computer. For example, you may like to import that file into your MP3 player, or to archive all downloaded episodes. Just use 'Browse' button to select into which folder you like to export.

  • Run Shell Command

This is completely user defined command and may be used for various purposes. For example, you may like to use another program to convert downloaded file into another format so that you can play it properly.

  • Add to Playlist

This is one of the handy pre-defined commands among others, which allows you to add downloaded episode to the playlist so that you can listen to it as soon as possible.

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