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Content Filtering in Ziepod
Post Sweeper

Post sweeper is used to quickly delete unnecessary posts inside Ziepod at once. Sweeper is actually a filter with various settings to adjust. In order to use it, first you have to set its settings based on what you like to delete--or sweep. After setting, hit the 'Sweep' and let the sweeper check all posts in selected space and delete them at once.

You can sweep inside any individual subscription or subscriptions located under any folder. You can even sweep inside all your subscriptions at once. To learn more how to open sweeper, check out the related help topics listed below.

How to set the Sweeper

Sweeper provides various settings to adjust. Here are their short descriptions.

  • Date Range to Sweep:

You can either select not to consider any time range or select to sweep those posts that are older than certain days, such as '3 days'. Sweeper uses publication date of posts to decide which posts are older than specified date.

  • Delete read posts only

When this is checked, only read posts are deleted, even though, for example, they are older than given date.

When you hitthe 'More Sweeper Settings' button, a new dialog window pops up, as shown above. It contains more switches to play in order to tune your sweeper better for what you have in mind.

  • Do not delete episodes rated higher than or equal to X stars

If you don't like your rated episodes to be deleted, you can use this setting to specify so. You can either give threshold value for which rated episodes can be deletable or if you don't like any of your rated episodes, you can set it to '0 Stars', which is the default value of this setting in order to preserve your rated episodes.

  • Do not delete posts with podcast episodes

Some posts may be associated with audio or video file, that is when they are called episodes. If you don't want Ziepod to sweep any episode, you can check this checkbox.

  • Do not delete posts with downloaded podcast episode

If you like to preserve your downloaded episodes from being deleted in the sweep, you can do it so by checking this box.

  • Do not delete episode if its size is [higher/less than] [X] [KBs/MBs]

If you like to keep certain episodes based on their size, you can adjust it by using these trio of comboboxes.

  • Do not ask for confirmation before deleting downloaded files, instead [not/delete them]

When you try to delete any episode and if its associated file is downloaded, Ziepod asks your permission to delete its downloaded file as well. This setting enables you to make that decision before starting to delete any and saves your time.

  • Do not throw deleted posts into the Trashbin

When the Trashbin is enabled, all deleted items are thrown into the Trashbin in order to give you a second chance to rescue any accidentally deleted items. If you don't want Ziepod to keep sweeped items in the Trashbin, you can check this box.

Additional Notes
  • If Trashbin is enabled, all deleted posts are thrown into the Trashbin unless it is specified otherwise in the settings of the sweeper. When they are in the Trashbin, however,  they stay there till you delete them manually.
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