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Torrent Run Template

In order to direct an individual torrent file from Ziepod to torrent client installed on your computer, Ziepod has to know how to call that client. 'Torrent Run Template' is used for that purpose.

As its name implies, it is a template from where Ziepod creates actual command by replacing placeholder variables with actual values which depends on selected torrent file.

Run Template

Shown sample screenshot above gives an example run template. As can be seen in that example, run template consists of two main parts.

First part is the actual location, or say path, of installed torent client on your computer, which is "C:Program FilesBittorrentbittorrent.exe."

Second part is the parameters where you tell client where to find torrent file and where to save downloaded file.

PlaceHolder Variables

As shown above, there are placeholder variables, such as %f and %n. Ziepod automatically replaces those variables with actual values, which depends on selected episode and creates actual shell command to run. Following explains those provided variables:

  • %f : Full file path/url of torrent file

When you direct a torrent file manually, this variable is replaced with the actual location of that selected torrent file.

  • %n : Torrent file name

This variable is replaced with the file name--along with its extensions--of that directed torrent file

  • %t : Torrented file name

In general, file name of torrent file includes the actual file name of torrented file and ".torrent" extension. However, %t only corrensponds to that actual file name, that is without that ".torrent" extension.


Let us explain the case by giving one example.

Assume that you selected an episode which points to following torrent file.


As you can see, this torrent file holds information about how to download a movie file called 'sample.mov' and by directing this address to installed bittorrent client on your computer, it starts to download that movie file. To start that process, you should make a right click on that episode and select 'Download via Torrent Client' under 'Download Options'.

After selecting that option, Ziepod starts to prepare actual shell command to run based on given 'Torrent Run Template' described above. Here is that actual shell command after replacing those placeholder variables based on given web address above.

"C:Program FilesBittorrentbittorrent.exe"  http://www.examples.com/sample.mov.torrent  --save_as  sample.mov

As can be seen, %f is replaced with actual web address of that torrent file given above and %t is replace with 'sample.mov' which is the name of that torrented file.


Additional Notes
  • Torrent files includes metadata, which shows from where to download actual torented file. You can download torrent files via Ziepod but that doesn't mean that you download those actual torrented files.
  • Note that if you download torrent file via Ziepod, %f corresponds to the file path on your computer. Otherwise, it corresponds to the web address of that torrent file located on the Internet.
  • If you come accross a situtation where you need different type of variables to call torrent client on your computer, please let us know.
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