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Definition of Bittorrent:

Bittorent is a free, open source file-sharing application effective for distributing very large
software and media files. For more on Bittorent, check out this 
official introduction.

Today, more and more podcasts and video feeds are publishing audio and video based content in torrent files, which are the name of the files in the context of Bittorrent. Even though Ziepod is not a torrent client, it helps you make use of it by automatically directing detected torrent files retrieved from subscribed podcasts and video feeds to installed torrent client on your computer.

In order to make use of bittorrent capability, first you need to install bittorrent software into your computer and then, secondly, tell Ziepod how to call that program.

There are two ways you can direct a torrent file to installed bittorrent client on your computer via Ziepod. You can either automatically direct all torrent files as soon as they are detected or manually direct them by making use of context menu of an episode.

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