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Remote Media Link Checking
How to watch BBC News in Video via Remote Media Link Checking

Prerequisite: We recommend you to read Remote Media Link Checking (Ziepod+) help topic for introduction.

BBC Video feeds enable you to watch BBC news in video. Unfortunately, unlike podcasts, you cannot play them directly via Ziepod+ since explicit location of associated media files are not included in those feeds. Instead, each post comes with a link to a web page where you have to visit to watch associated video.

Fortunately, 'Remote Media Link Checking' feature is designed for this kind of scenario. It makes Ziepod+ check those web pages at the background and extract links to those video files so that you can watch videos using Ziepod+ directly, that is without visiting any web page.

If you like to watch BBC news in video via Ziepod+, then please follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

Step 1: Subscribe to feed

Here are the BBC Video feeds available at the time we released Ziepod+. Copy one of them and add into Ziepod+.

After subscription, Ziepod+ will retrieve available posts for that feed. Note that all of those retrieved posts include only text-based content, which is represented by (  ) icon.

Step 2 : Selecting media player for BBC Player (FIRST-TIME ONLY)

In normal circumstances, when you get these posts from subscribed feed, you should visit a web page for each post where you watch associated news in video. If this is the first time you visit BBC web pages to watch news in video, then you will be asked to select media player to play these videos. This selection defines your default player to play BBC videos only.

Hence, first you should make that selection. To do so, select one of those retreived posts and make a double click on that. This opens a web page where you should make that decision first. Most probably it will give you two options to select one of them as default player for BBC videos. You should select 'Windows Media Player'. After this selection, actual web page with video panel embedded inside will be loaded. No need to wait to watch video. You can close web browser now.

Now close Ziepod+ and start it again to make this setting available for Ziepod+

Step 3 : Activate 'Remote Media Link Checking' feature

Now it is time to activate 'remote media link checking' feature for feed subscribed above. Here is how to:

  • In 'Folders' tab, make a right click on that feed subscribed above and select 'Properties' menu option
  • New window with tabs inside will emerge. Switch to 'Advanced' tab.
  • Inside that tab, check the box entitled 'Automatically check every new post of this feed for remote media link'
  • Click 'Apply' or 'OK' button to finish this process
  • Right after this click, Ziepod+ will ask you following question:

'Would you like Ziepod+ to check already available posts for possible remote media link?'

  • Click 'Yes' and let Ziepod+ extracts those media links for already retrieved posts of this feed.

Selecting 'Yes' at the last step starts checks for already retrieved posts. You can keep track of this by looking at the icons of those being checked posts. You may like to consider switching to FullView mode by clicking (  ) button to see changes in the icons.



Note that icons of all posts was (  ) at the begining. Now, icons of being checked posts should be (  ). When this check process finishes, if Ziepod+ detects a media file for checked post, its icon turns into (  ), which represents video content. Otherwise it turns back to first shown icon.

If everything goes well, icon of each retrieved post of subscribed feed should turn into (   )  after couple of seconds. Keep in mind that, based on your internet connection speed at the moment, checking one post may take 1 to 10 seconds.


We finish this process. Please note that 'Step 2' is first-time-only process to select media player. If you like to subscribe to more BBC video feeds, then select them from given list above, add them to Ziepod+ and then continue with 'Step 3'

When new posts are detected ...

After activation of this remote check feature, when new posts are detected in those feeds, Ziepod+ automatically checks those posts for remote media link. This process is same as described above. Again, you can keep track of those checks by looking at changes in the icons.

Additional Notes
  •  Keep in mind that when you play BBC Video news for the first time, Ziepod+ may crash. We couldn't have been able to identify the problem yet. Nevertheless, that will be the only crash you may experience. After that first-time only crash, you can restart Ziepod+ and continue to watch BBC news.
  • BBC video files are in ASX format, which is a metafile. This file includes link to actual media file along with additional information about that media file, such as title, copyright info. If you try to download BBC video files, Ziepod+ downloads ASX file. Then you can use Windows Media Player to play/stream this ASX file.
  • For each checked post, you may hear a click sound at the background. While this helps you keep track of these checks, it may be annoying. We'll try to remove this click sound in upcoming releases.
  • In some cases, while trying to play BBC video files, Ziepod+ may give you 'Fail to open' message. This doesn't mean that you cannot play that file. Waiting a minute or restarting Ziepod+ will solve the problem. We'll try to solve this problem in upcoming releases.
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