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Remote Media Link Checking
How to activate 'Remote Media Link Checking' for subscribed feed

Prerequisite: First make sure that you read 'introduction to remote media link checking'

If you know any feed which publishes pure text-based posts, which is represented with icon (  ), but also gives you a link to a web page where you can watch associated media file, such as video files, then you can use 'Remote Media Link Checking' feature for that specific feed.

To give an example, BBC Video Feeds do not include explicit location of video files but make you visit a web page where you can watch news in video. In this specific case, you can activate this feature for subscribed BBC video feeds.

Here is how to activate this feature for an individual feed:

  • Make a right click on that feed in 'Folders' tab and select 'Properties' menu option
  • Switch to 'Advanced' tab.
  • Check the box entitled 'Automatically check every new post of this feed for remote media link'
  • Click 'Apply' button to apply changes. Otherwise click 'Cancel'
  • If you click 'Apply' or 'OK' button, it will ask you 'Would you like Ziepod+ to check all available posts for possible remote media link?', Click 'Yes' and let Ziepod+ extracts those media links for already retrieved posts

After activation, when new posts published thru that feed are detected, Ziepod+ automatically checks those web pages associated with new posts. Based on your internet connection speed, this process may take couple of seconds or so for each checked post.

As a step-by-step example for this activation process, you can check 'How to watch BBC News in Video via Remote Media Link Checking' help topic.

How to keep track of checks

While Ziepod+ checkes each post for remote media link, you can keep track of which posts are being checked at that moment. There are two ways for this awareness. 

When it is in 'FullView Mode', status messages given inside status bar located at the bottom of the main window tells you how many posts are being checked at the moment.

Second way is post icon. When new post with pure text-based content is retrieved, it is shown with (  ) icon. When Ziepod+ starts to check that post for remote media link, its icon becomes (  ). If remote media link is detected during that check, it turns into (  for audio) or (  for video). Otherwise it turns back to first shown icon.

Automation After Extraction

After Ziepod+ detects remote media link for one post during that check, Ziepod+ treats that post as a newly detected episode. In fact, after detection, that post can be called an episode.

For example, if you set Ziepod+ so that it automatically adds newly detected episodes into playlist, then that post is also added to playlist.

Additional Notes
  • Checking a post for remote media link may take couple of seconds based on your internet connection speed at the moment.
  • During checks, you may hear click sounds at the background for each checked post, which is normal. While those sounds may notify you of those checks, they can be annoying, too. We'll try to disable them for upcoming versions.
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