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Ziepod User Interface
External Panels
Popup Notifier

Popup notifier is a special panel that is used to present newly retrieved posts when Ziepod is minimized or in either Player or Deskbar mode. In terms of its look, it is just the replica of the Todays mode, except hidden player panel in order to gain space.

Popup notifier pops up out of your system tray and stays put for a while giving you enough time to check just retieved updates from your subscriptions. In addition to showing new content, it also pops up and shows newly finished downloads. In all cases, notifier panels informs you about retrieved content and allows you to make use of them immediately, even you are working with other applications.

Visual Components:

As mentioned above, popup notifier has the same look as the Today mode. With the exception of the player panel at the bottom, you can access to all visual components of the Today panel, such as its menu, gray status bar and buttons at the caption to close the window or switch to any visual mode.

Reading New Content:

Shown in the sample screenshot above, new episodes are listed one after another and posts from same subscription are grouped together. If you want to see new posts of any subscription, first you need to click the title of that subscription to make its new posts visible.

Then, in order to read the descriptive content of any listed item, you need to hover your mouse over that item and after a second or so a small window pops up and shows more detail on focused item, as shown in the sample screenshot above.

Actions on Listed Items:

Other than reading, you can also apply certain actions on listed items. For example, below you can see a sample screenshot showing which buttons you can access for any listed item when you focus on them. Other than those buttons which is visible at focus, you can also make a right-click on any listed item and get the context menu of that selected item. Context menus provides complete list of functions to be applied on selected item.

Note that you can easily play episodes as soon as they are detected or downloaded, even it is minimized, which is a very powerful feature of Ziepod.


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