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Feedzie.com hosts a podcasts directory where podcasts are grouped into major categories and tagged with informative labels in order to faciliate browsing. It presents many podcasts in various topics and you can browse that directory from inside Ziepod, to be exact, by using the 'Directory' segment of the Home tab.

When you switch to the 'Directory' section, Ziepod automatically retrieves the homepage listing of the directory and shows you available categories and major tags so that you can start your browsing in a second.

By getting into the categories and following tags, you can easily subscribe to podcasts you like to listen to.

Anatomy of Listed Podcast:

Each listed podcast in the directory has four major visual components. Those are the title and descriptive image of that podcast, tags related to its published content and subscription button.

If you like to subscribe, you just need to hit the "subscribe" button. However if you are not convinced and like to learn more about that podcast, you can click its title. Following that, Ziepod retrieves more description on that podcast, along with its latest episodes at Feedzie.com

When you like to get more podcasts, you can also follow its tags and then get more podcasts to subscribe.

Site Listing:

You not only access to the podcast directory thru the Directory segment of the Home tab. If you like to get more information about any site, which is called "Site Listing", Ziepod opens up that page in this segment, too.

As in the case just mentioned above, when you click the title of any podcast listed in the directory or even in the search results, Ziepod retrieves its description and latest available podcast episodes of that podcast from Feedzie.com.

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