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Although you can search at Feedzie.com with your browser, Ziepod provides a better way. You can search from inside Ziepod, that is without having to open any additional window. That is the idea behind this support.

In order to search, you need to switch to the 'Search' segment of the Home tab and see the search panel, just like the one shown below.

By default when you enter your query and hit the 'Search' button, Ziepod retrieves related audio files found at Feedzie.com. In order to search video files, you need to click the 'video' link right at the top of the edit field, or 'site' link if you like to search feeds.

Keep in mind that searching sites not returns podcasts only, but any related feed. In order to search podcasts, you need to switch to the 'Directory' segment. Then, you'll see a search panel at the right handside of the page, into which you can enter your query to search for podcasts.

Anatomy of a Search Result:

Search results are presented like any other search engine lists search results. In addition to showing title and description of found items, Ziepod also provides additional information related to podcast episode, such as link to its originated podcast, its file size and play duration.

Other than giving descriptive information, each search result has its own action link buttons. By using these links you can either download or play any search result. When you click 'more' link, you will get couple of more options, as shown below, such as adding to the download list or your playlist, as well as just saving that episode into the Ziepod.

Saving, Downloading, Playing Search Results:

When you save any search result, Ziepod keeps all information related to that search result. In other words, it saves all provided descriptive information shown the search results into the Ziepod so that whenever you want, you can have access to those saved search results without having to search them again.

When you want to download any search result, Ziepod again asks you in which folder or subscription you like to save that selected search result. It does that because after its download finishes, you use that saved entry in order to reach that downloaded file.

In case of playing search results, Ziepod again keeps provided descriptive information but not asks you where to save that since it is kept in your playlist. As Ziepod shows information about playing episodes inside the 'Now Playing' tab, kept description about search result is shown in that tab while it is playing.

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