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Ziepoders from all around the world are ratings podcast episodes while they are listening to them and you can reach all those rated podcast episodes from the 'Ratings' segment of the Home tab.

When you switch to the 'Ratings', Ziepod automatically retrieves latest rated episodes along with list of countries of Ziepoders who participated by rating. Like browsing search results, you can go thru pages of rated podcasts episodes. Or you can get list of episodes rated by Ziepoders from specific country, such as France.

Anatomy of Rated Episode:

When rated episodes are listed in the 'Ratings' segment, various information pieces are shown for each of them. In addition to their titles, descriptions, originated podcasts, and information about episode files, Ziepod also shows their assigned rate, when they rated and country of the Ziepoders who rated those episodes. Sample screenshot below shows those fields.

Actions on Listed Episodes:

'Ratings' segment is not only for browsing rated episodes, you can play or download them. Or you can just save them for later use. As those three orange links just works like they work in case of search results, to learn more about them, check out the help topic devoted to the 'Search' segment.


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