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Highlights segment is specific to Ziepod+. In this segment, Ziepod lists retrieved content in webpage style. This type of presentation is especially designed so that you can easily browse listed content and quickly finish reading it.

Types of Highlights:

Any type of retrieved content can be browsed via highlights. By default, when you switch to this segment, it shows newly retrieved content, if it is available. You can also select which type of content you like to see in the highlights. As shown in the sample screenshot, you can select videos, audios or plain posts to be shown in the highlights.

In the Latest and Highlights segments, you will see a box named "Highlights Summary", as shown above. This box lists all available highlights listings. For example, in the sample case above, you have 3 unseen videos. Clicking that link will list those 3 unseen videos in highlights. Or you can simply click "Show all videos" link to see all of your videos kept inside Ziepod.

Anatomy of Highlights:

When posts are listed in the highlights, they are printed in compact fashion, as can be seen below. In order to read any ones content you need to hover your mouse over its title for less than a second. Then a window pops up and shows its full content.

By default, all posts from one subscription are shown grouped in order to keep things organized. However you can set Ziepod to lists all matching item based on their publication date without grouping them based on their originated feeds. To do that, just click "Do not group items by their originated feeds" link in the "Highlights Summary" shown above.

Ziepod also provides links to mark all listed items as read or delete them at once. If you like to apply a special command on any listed item, you can use the orange "options" link. As you click it, context menu for that item will emerge.

Ziepod can only show 20 items in one page. When number of to be listed items exceeds that limit, a navigation panel is shown at the bottom of the page. You can use this panel to switch between pages of highlights. In the sample screenshot, there are 5 pages and the first page is the focused one.

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