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Managing Ziepod
How to set subscription filters to filter out unwanted posts in that subscription

Sometimes your subscriptions publish posts that you may not like to read, such as advertisements. In that case, you can set filters for that specific channel in order to filter out those unwanted posts.

Following show how to set those filters for specific channel



  • Filters check occurances of specific words in posts. Hence in order to set a filter, first you have to enter those specific words which should occur in those unwanted posts. For example, word 'Ads' can be a word to add. 
  • After adding those keywords, click 'More Options' button located at the bottom left corner of the dialog, which shows more options to set
  • Among those setting, select 'Filter Out : Reject matched posts' options given inside the 'Filter Behaviour' frame.


  • When you finish adding or editing filters, click 'Apply' button to apply these changes; otherwise click 'Cancel' button to cancel any change or addition you made.


If trash bin is enabled when posts are filtered out, those posts are thrown into the trash bin. Otherwise they are removed from the system completely.

To learn more about how to set those filters, check followin related help topics and sections.

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