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Content Filtering in Ziepod
Virtual Channels vs Word Watchdogs

Ziepod+ provides two different ways of monitoring newly retrieved posts for special words that you are interested in. Those two are virtual channels and word watchdogs. Even though they both have similar functionality, couple of distinct points make you use them for different cases.

Word Watchdogs : Easy Way of Monitoring Words

Word watchdogs monitor newly retrieved posts and look for special word or phrase. When they detect its occurance, it keeps pointers to those posts and notifies you so that you can read those posts quickly as soon as they are detected.

Since they keep those pointers temporarily, when you exit Ziepod, all those pointers are removed. Hence next time you open Ziepod, you cannot read previously cought posts, but the new ones just retrieved after the start-up.

Virtual Channels : Complete Solution to Monitor and Gather

Like word watchdogs, virtual channels also monitor new posts for occurances of special words. However, unlike word watchdogs, virtual channels allow you to define set of filters to catch special word or word combinations. For example, you can make virtual channel catch posts if they include word A and B together.

Unlike word watchdogs, cought posts are moved into the virtual channel from its originated channel. In other words, they keep real posts, not pointers to them. Hence the next time you open up Ziepod, they still keep those cought posts and allow you to reach them till you delete them.

One more extra point for virtual channels is that you can make virtual channels to check new posts from only selected channels, that is, not necessarily from all existing ones.

Word Watchdogs vs Virtual Channels

Based on given characteristics of each monitoring mechanism, you may like to use each of them for different cases. Here are couple of cases we can think of for each:

  • When to use Word Watchdogs

CASE 1 : For example, 'Oscars' will take place in couple of days and you like Ziepod to notify you of posts which include word 'Oscars' in their content. Since this is for couple of days, you may like to keep things simple. Hence word watchdogs is perfect tool.

CASE 2 : If you don't want Ziepod to move posts from its originated channels by using virtual channels, they you can use word watchdogs so that they are kept inside their originated channels and pointers are used instead.

  • When to use Virtual Channels

CASE 1 : Suppose that you like to monitor posts related to NASA into one box. There can be may special words for this kind of monitoring activity, such as NASA, Space Station, Space Shuttle, STS, Mars Rovers, etc. Clearly this is the case you don't want to use multiple word watchdogs. Hence you create virtual channel and add filters to monitor those words.


To learn more about virtual channels and word watchdogs, check corresponding help topics listed below.

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