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Ziepod User Interface
External Panels
Download Monitor Panel

Whether you are in deskbar mode, or Ziepod is minimized, if you like to keep an eye on download activities anytime you want, download monitor panel is the tool. This panel can show what the Downloads tab shows but considerably in more compact way.

Visual Compontents

Other than close button at the top-right and resize handle at the bottom-right corners, this panel shows list of all or selected downloads from your download list. Shown in the sample screenshot below, it shows the title and the download progress level along with the download speed of shown download activities.

If you make a right-click on any listed download, you will be able reach options to be applied on selected download, just the same menu as in the Downloads tab, shown below. By using this menu, you can pause and resume any listed download even while working with other application on your desktop.


One of the features of this panel is that it can be transparent as can be seen in the sample screenshot above. Thanks to this feature, it less intervenes with the window of the focused application at the time. You can adjust the level of transparency, by making a right click on the panel, other than on any listed download.

When made that right-click, you will see a menu as shown above, by using this menu you can not only adjust the level of transparency but also set when it should turn the transparency on or even disable transparency feature.

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