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Ziepod User Interface
Visual Modes
Deskbar Mode

When you switch to the Deskbar mode, Ziepod window is transformed in to a slim bar as shown in the sample screenshot below. This mode is especially designed to enable you to keep track of playing podcast episodes while working with other applications on your computer.

You can switch to this mode by either clicking [  ] icon which is located at the top-right corner of the Ziepod or using provided keyboard shortcuts.

Visual Components

Like any other music player, Ziepod in deskbar mode provides basic functions to play. Those are buttons to play/pause, stop go-to-next/prev tracks, center screen to show what is playing at the moment, and speaker icon to adjust volume level.


Other than these player related visual components, at the left handside of the bar, there are buttons to close and minimize the bar, as well as button to get options. As in any other visual mode, right handside of the bar is reserved for four visual mode switcher buttons.

Deskbar Mode as a Drop Target

When you switch to the Deskbar mode, other than keeping track of playing episodes, you can also use it as a drop target for external content. In other words, you can drag-and-drop files from your computer to play or even links from webpages to download or play them.

Screen Functionalities

The screen at the center of the bar provides various information. In addition to the showing the title of the playing episode, it also shows the title of the next in the playlist. While you are listening to, as it shows rating panel--similar to the shown below, you can also rate played episode.

Reading Latest Posts in the Deskbar Mode

Since this mode is designed to enables you to keep track of the playlist while working with other applications on your computer, it is not capable of showing newly retrieved content. To compansate this, when Ziepod is in this mode, popup notifier pops up out of your system tray, if its enabled.


To learn more about the Deskbar mode, check help topics and sections listed under.

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