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Become Ziepod Affiliate by Placing 'Ziepod Add Button' to Your Site

Do you know that if your website visitor has a Ziepod installed and clicks 'Ziepod Add Button' on your website, he/she can become a subscribed user of your podcast in a second. What if that user has not Ziepod on his/her computer? Then clicking that button will let us introduce your podcast and assist him/her at subscribing to your podcast. We also show your visitor your previously posted podcast episodes thru Feedzie.com

In other words, if you place the 'Ziepod Add Button' on your website, you will enable your visitors to subscribe to your podcast quickly because we make things automated either he/she has Ziepod or not. If you like to see a sample presentation so that you can see how we present your podcast, check [ this out ].

We will adversite your podcast

When you place this button, you will become a 'Ziepod Affiliate.' Becoming an affiliate also has one more big advantage, that is, we will advertise your podcast at ziepod.com. This is called win-win situtation, but you will win more as you have more chance to expand your podcast audience.

Process to Become a Ziepod Affiliate

Here is what you will go thru if you like to become a Ziepod Affilate

(1) First off, the content you are publishing thru your podcast should be acceptable, that is, it should not be pornographic or piracy-related. Posted content should belong to you, that is, not copy of other podcasters. After making sure that you are OK with the first condition, then you can fill the form below.
(2) After filling the form, in one of your posts you should mention about your Ziepod affiliation and also place the 'Ziepod Add Button' to your site.
(3) Following the second condition, we will start to advertise your podcast at ziepod.com. If you conflict with these conditions after becoming affiliate, we will have a right to cancel your affiliation and exclude your site from our advertisement pipeline.
Application Form
Your Name:
Your Email Address :
Your Homepage Address: (Optional)
Your Podcast Feed Address :
Short Description of Your Podcast : (to be shown at Ziepod.com)

After you fill this form, we will review your application and make sure that your podcast is not publishing any unacceptable content. Then we will assign a Site ID to your podcast, which is actually the SiteID of your site at Feedzie.com. By making sure that your podcast is listed at Feedzie.com, your visitors and Ziepoders will be able to access all your podcast productions anytime.

As you can see, we are asking your contact information. Other than using it to inform you about the status of your affiliation, we will need it when we present more tools to power up your site.

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