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Ranking Podcasts

Ziepod enables its users to rank podcast episodes while they are listening to them. Each ranked episode is shared with all Ziepod users as well as Ziepod.com visitors. In fact, Ziepod users has a direct access to all ranked podcast episodes from inside Ziepod which helps them reach quality content quickly without any hassle.

If you have a podcast, sure you want to get ranked high and shown at ratings list, because getting ranked will expose your podcast to more audience and eventually expand your listeners range on the way of becoming more powerful podcaster.

Then, you may consider recommending Ziepod to your listeners and let them rank your podcast productions via Ziepod. Note that since your productions can only be rated by Ziepoders, who are very delicate audience, you will get the true measure of your productions, that is, not artificial rates.

Ziepod is the ideal tool for any podcast listener since it is so easy to use and very helpful at teaching novice users about podcast basics, as well as wide range of features.

So do your recommendation today. Sure your listeners like the way Ziepod handles podcasts, which eventually increases the satisfaction level of your audience and makes your audience more connected to your podcast.

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