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Overview of Supported Features by Ziepod
Ziepod package comes with many features to help you deal with podcasts. While some features enable you to reach more audio and video based content, most of them automate certain actions, which help you gain time to spend with listening to podcasts.

Below, we listed most handy features to let you learn more about each feature and become a power user in shorter time.

Stream Podcasts or Download Them
Ziepod is not only a tool to download podcast episodes, you can also listen to podcasts without having to download them, which is called streaming. By streaming a podcast episode first, you can learn what it is about and then download it, if it is worth.

Search podcast epsisodes on the Internet via Feedzie.com
From inside Ziepod, you can search hundreds of thousands of audio and video episodes published on the Internet via Feedzie.com. You can even save search results into your Ziepod, download or directly listen to found episodes via Ziepod.

Find quality podcasts by browsing Feedzie Podcast Directory
Feedzie.com hosts a podcast directory, where podcasts are grouped into major categories and tagged with informative labels in order to enhance navigation functionality. You can browse this directory from inside Ziepod and easily subscribe to quality podcasts.

Different Visual Modes
In order to enhance the user interface, Ziepod can be transformed into different shapes. Based on what you are using Ziepod for at the time, you can simplify its look and focus on that.

Sweeping Unnecessary Items at Once
Ziepod helps you maintain the environment you have by providing sweeping functionality. This powerful filtering mechanism allows you to define what you like to delete and then traverses all your subscriptions to remove unnecessary items at once.

Automated & Manual ID3 Tag Overwriting
ID3 Tags are extra information embedded inside MP3 files, which are related to spoken content. That's how your MP3 player shows the title of playing item on the screen. You can make Ziepod automatically assign values, which is especially helpful if you don't like to see meaningless title on your MP3 player, because Ziepod can make it show actual title and help you identify playing item easily.

iPod Support
You can use Ziepod to add podcast episodes into your iPod without making you touch your iTunes. You can manage your iPod playlists from inside Ziepod and automatically direct downloaded episodes into specific playlists on your iPod.

Searching inside Ziepod
As well as searching on the Internet for podcast episodes, you can also search your archived content residing inside your Ziepod.

Download Scheduling
If you want Ziepod to download podcast episodes overnight you can set it so thanks to download scheduling feature.

Download Queueing
As you subscribe to podcasts, your download list becomes more crowded everyday. At that point, you will be able to order queued downloads and decide which episodes are downloaded first with respect to others.

Rate Podcasts
Ziepod allows you to rate podcast episodes and share your ratings with other Ziepoders so that others can make benefit of your suggestions. You can also see what others have been rated and reach quality content.

Popup Notifier Ejects from System Tray
If Ziepod is minimized at the time when new published content is retrieved, popup notifier pops up out of your system tray and shows those newly retrieved content, which helps you read new content as soon as they are detected.

Keyboard Shortcuts
If you like to use your keyboard to initiate actions, Ziepod provides many keyboard shortcuts, such as switching between tabs or visual modes. These shortcuts help you make things done in a split of a second.

Statistics of Last 5 Days & and Last Actions
Ziepod keeps statistics of last 5 days. So you can learn how MBs of data have been downloaded, how many minutes of podcasts you have been listening to, how many episodes have been retrieved, read and, even, rated in last 5 days. Ziepod also keep track of your last played, downloaded, and rated 5 episodes, which is neat if you need to reach them later.

Synch Ziepod with Your Bloglines Account
Ziepod is capable of synching with Bloglines account. So if you have a Bloglines account, you can use Ziepod to track your Bloglines subscriptions.

Monitoring Changes in OPML Files
OPML files are used to keep list of podcasts to be subscribed. Sometimes they are used to convey most popular podcasts on the Internet, which leads to dynamicaly changing list of podcasts. Ziepod can monitor dynamic OPML files and reports newly added podcasts, just like checking podcasts for new episodes.

Comprehensive Help Documentation
Ziepod comes with very carefully designed comprehensive help documentation. All helps topics are sectionized and related topics are linked together so that you can learn every detail about Ziepod in a short time.

Send Feedback to Us
If help documentation doesn't give you the answer you need, or if you like to give us a feedback on Ziepod, you can use embedded dialog window to send your message quickly without having to open up your email client or web browser to send an email.

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