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Full Ziepod Documentation
Ziepod Help Documentation is divided into four sections, given below. By the help of these sections, you will be able learn how to manage Ziepod itself and retrieved content.

Note that the following sections are also distributed with Ziepod and Ziepod+ releases and accessible for your offline use.

Explore User Interface
Learn more about visual modes, popup notifier, and other components of visual interface.

Manage Ziepod
Learn what functions Ziepod provides to manage podcasts, episodes, and folders.
Customize Ziepod
Learn how to customize Ziepod based on your needs and requirements.

Learn various topics about Ziepod, such as Drag'N'Drop functionality.

Hand-Picked Help Topics
Following help topics are special ones selected from Ziepod Help Documentation. Even though you may not want to get into documentation, we recommend you to read these help topics to understand interesting parts of Ziepod.
Supported Media Formats & Codecs (Ziepod+)
How to play media files in QuickTime format (.MOV, .QT) with Ziepod+
How to play media files Real Media format (.RM) with Ziepod+
Remote Media Link Checking (Ziepod+)
How to watch BBC News in Video via Remote Media Link Checking
iPod / iTunes Support
How to activate/deactivate iPod/iTunes support
BitTorrent Support
How to direct a Torrent file to BitTorrent Client manually
How to direct a Torrent file to BitTorrent Client automatically
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Trouble-Shooting
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